Sell with us

  • We provide a hassle-free way of selling your boat. Allow our team of sales experts the opportunity to design highly appealing advertising for your boat, we can deal with any potential scammers and the bonus is you’re not waiting around all day for potential buyers to show up – we’ll do all that for you.
  • Your boat is displayed in our busy sales yard.
  • We will do all the photography and video, then create the ads on the critical websites.
  • Although we don’t own your boat, generally we will offer to take a trade-in on it. This allows us to offer your boat to a much larger potential market.
  • We can help buyers source competitive finance on your boat. Subject to approval. Further growing the size of that all important potential market.
  • We can offer buyers Club Marine Insurance.
  • All of our consignment sales are transacted through our non interest bearing trust account and processed through our externally audited trust ledger.

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